We are looking for online FIASCO Players! We will play online, 7pm EST, Tuesdays, by Skype and on Roll20, posting the game summaries here on ObsPort. Come join us!!

High praise for the Fiasco Nights Group…
"…Astounding! Brilliant! Awesome!.."
                                                 Now Yerk Times*.
"…more riveting then a Trump / Hillary debate…"
                                                Fochs News Network*.
"…I pee'd myself laughing. Pure genius!"
"…Jesus! Are you on that computer again?!?! You know the oil won't change itself in the car, you know. My mother's coming over tomorrow and this place is a mess. Are the dogs fed? You should feed the dogs instead of playing that silly-ass game…"
                                                  Heather K.


See?! What are you waiting for? Come join us!!!


(*Reviews are parodies only. Except for Heather K. She really is pissed off that the dogs haven't been fed…)